Artefact Aegis Divine Perks Description
Ancient Sceptre 100,000
  • +10% offensive power for realm governor.

Carried by rulers of a bygone era.

Azk'Hurum's Blood Purifier 250,000 Azk'Hurum
  • -25% unit blood costs.

Made of obsidian, imbued with souls, and stained with blood, this device is used by Azk'Hurum to remove impurities from gathered blood.

Barathu Bint's Ledger 250,000 Barathu Bint
  • +20% exchange rates
  • +15% gold production

Barathu Bint kept a careful log of trade routes and a guide for fair and effective negotiations.

Bregon's Banner 250,000 Bregon
  • -2 ticks training time for military units (does not include Spies, Wizards, or Archmages)

The greatest armies have rallied under this banner throughout the ages.

Cornucopia 120,000
  • +20% food production
  • +20% lumber production

Water flowing through the cornucopia makes nature burst into a triumphant growth.

Divine Compendium 80,000
  • +100% deity power

A tome containing secrets to reach the divines.

Druva's Amulet 250,000 Druva
  • +25% food production
  • -25% rezoning costs
  • +25% lumber improvement points

A magical link between the carrier and the land all that live on and in it.

Elskas' Ambrosia 250,000 Elskas
  • +20% enemy casualties
  • Spies become immortal

A pernicious liquid whose fumes imbue Reptilians with both violent outbursts and incredible stealth.

Flying Compass 100,000
  • Units return +2 ticks faster from invasions

Shows the fastest path home.

Glimj's Bow 250,000 Glimj
  • -10% costs for ship units.

The original bow from Glimj's great sailship teaches much about shipbuilding.

Glimj's Lantern 250,000 Glimj
  • +20% kelp production
  • +20% pearls production

Lit by Glimj to see across and into the deepest, darkest waters.

Great Trip Hammer 200,000
  • -10% unit gold costs.
  • -10% unit ore costs.

A magical machine sought by many seeking to raise an army.

Horn of Valour 160,000
  • +50% prestige gains.
  • +50 base morale.

A horn that can be heard across the land, inspiring those who hear it.

Ichor of Vitality 140,000
  • -20% casualties

Imbues the anointed with safer passage through war.

Ix's Contraption 250,000 Ix
  • -10% costs for machine units.

A machine which can make other machines.

Ix's Schematics 250,000 Ix
  • +50% XP generation
  • +50% improvements

Handwritten notes unlocking new way of understanding the interconnectedness of complex systems.

Kinthys' Disembowler 250,000 Kinthys
  • +25% enemy casualties

Always within reach to satisfy Kinthys' lust for drawn-out, torturous death.

Mirnon's Pickaxe 250,000 Mirnon
  • +25% gems improvement points
  • +50% ore improvement points

What made Mirnon the greatest was not only enormous and deep mines, but also the artful skill in refining minerals and gems.

Phantom Chalice 90,000
  • +4 ticks Fog duration.

Filled with a spectral elixir, it blurs the line between the seen and unseen.

Sazal's Staff 250,000 Sazal
  • +100% all spell perks (does not include sorcery).

A staff used to weave some of the strongest magic the world has ever seen.

Scrolls of Knowledge 100,000
  • +20% XP generation

Ancient texts, studied to learn more about the present and the future.

Spellstone Crystal 125,000
  • +50% base wizard strength.
  • +20% mana production

A crystal that can store and release magical energy.

Starlight Mantle 125,000
  • +20% spy strength

Woven from the essence of night skies, the mantle cloaks those under its protection.

Urugdakh's Axe 250,000 Urugdakh
  • +100% prestige gains on retaliation.
  • +10% offensive power

A holy symbol to Orcs and especially Black Orcs, this is the axe that clove a moon.

Zidur's Effluvium 250,000 Zidur
  • +50% sorcery spell duration.

A small vial that never runs dry.